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James' first video for us was a huge hit! So when he contacted us and wanted to do another one, we said YES! But when we asked him if he'd be interested in doing anything with another guy and he kinda stumbled on his words for a second.

Turns out our scruffy clumsy skater is straight and really wasn't into any "gay stuff". We talked a bit longer and he agreed to make a homemade gay porn video with Maverick who he knew through some mutual friends.

What James didn't know is that Maverick might be a bit more "open-minded" than most. I wonder what might happen!

The video opens with James giving an intro outside and saying he was waiting for his bud to show up. Maverick zooms in on his skateboard and the two do a few tricks before James' board goes flying and he takes a dive. After retreiving his board he says to Maverick, "It's too hot out here, let's just go inside." Maverick is quick to agree.

Once inside the two start looking at a porno mag. These two are so freaking cute as the look at the mage and talk about what girls the like and what they'd like to do with them. It's priceless!

Maverick starts playing with himself and before you know it his pants are stripped off and he's bare-naked with his boner pointing North. James hesitates for a second, and says "This is a bit weird..." then takes off his pants too. They keep looking at the mage and the two of them stroke their raging boners and look perfectly happy about the whole thing.

Well every gay guy in the world could see where this is going. And it's not long before Maverick's eyes dart to Jame's cock for a second. He thinks about it then reaches over and grabs his buddies hard cock and starts jerking it for him. James' face tells the whole story - he can't really believe he's doing it but it feels good so what the fuck?

James tells Maverick, "I've never done anything like this before." And Maverick busts out laughing. James sees how crazy it is and starts laughing too... It's amazing to see the tension break so quickly as these two guys get off together.

Now the ice was broken Maverick shrugs and says "Oh well... It gets the job done!" and James reaches over and grabs Maverick's cock and starts to jerk it in return. You can almost see the devil in Maverick's eyes as his cock gets stroked by his straight buddy. It feels good - but he's sill up to something.

Sure enough, it's not long before Maverick states "We've gone this far, we might aswell take it to the next level" and leans over and stuffs James' cock in his mouth. Again, it's all in the expressions and James' face cannot tell a lie. He's surprized, shocked in extacy.. in shock. He loves it.

Maverick continues to suck James for a while then they both sit back and jack themselves. Their dicks are rock hard as what used to be sexual tension has become a whole new world where they can fool around. Maverick leans in and really goes to town on James' cock and James grabs Maverick's head with both hands and guides it onto his pole so the pace is exactly what he needs. There's no more shock or wonder. There's just pure pleasure as this straight guy has found a new way to get off and it's pretty fucking amazing!

Then things become... a little weird. Maverick hops up first and James lays down on the couch. Maverick climbs on top of him and points his cock at Jame's face. James rock hard cock is laying on his belly glistening with a single drop of precum as Maverick unloads a huge ass load of cum on his buddy's face. I'm like, wha?????? Straight guys taking a load on their face???

Maverick finishes up and takes James' place on the couch and James dumps an equally huge load of cum on Maverick's face. Then he starts rubbing his cock on the fresh mess of cum on his buddy's chin. Maverick sits up and grins at the camera with cum dripping in gobs off his beautiful face. Out. Of. Control.

So I'm watching this and I'm thinking what the fuck? These straight guys out of the blue dump loads on each other's faces?? Like, no way. Then I check the paperwork that came with the video and James included a note...

"Maverick and me talked about it and figured if we did the cum thing you might give us a few extra bucks for the video. And for the record we both fucking hated - it so how about it?" How much do I love them?

Needless to say, we gladly obliged and sent along a little bonus for their efforts... I wonder how much it would cost to get them to fuck each other!!